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At The Mount Senior School we don’t compromise our girls education – they are always put first. We are specialists in girls’ education and have been at the forefront of providing an excellent education for girls since 1785. We are prepared for the challenges your daughter will face during her adolescent years, her time with us, and beyond.

We know that girls need inner-confidence to succeed and the best place to instil this is within a girls-only environment

Teenage girls can be daunted by the challenge of growing up and the natural changes that are taking place in their bodies and minds. We nurture our girls through the challenges of adolescence, giving them the freedom to find their own identity and to overcome any difficulties they face.

Whether they aspire to be an engineer, an athlete, a fashion designer, a business leader or the next Prime Minister, we encourage them to develop independent thought, and to support and challenge each other. Your daughter will learn that nothing stands in her way.  We send this message to our girls every day through a culture that encourages them to believe that nothing is beyond their reach. We provide an environment where girls feel empowered, safe to express themselves, to support each other and engage in an open and safe exchange of ideas. Every one of our girls grow into bold and independent young women.

“Pupils exhibit a sense of empowerment and are very keen to learn, supported by encouragement to achieve their best at all times.”


“Pupils display excellent social skills and awareness of others. They support and encourage each other frequently and unselfconsciously.”

ISI Inspection


At The Mount Senior School we are experts in girls’ education.  Below are some of the many benefits of choosing a single-sex education at The Mount, for your daughter.

Academic Achievement

At The Mount Senior School girls take centre stage, they are free to pursue academic excellence. Our girls are comfortable to be themselves, which means they are free to focus their energies on their learning.  The results speak for themselves, our girls regularly achieve outstanding exam results and go on to study a range of subjects at top Universities around the globe.

A Tailored Curriculum

We empower our girls by teaching them in the way that they naturally learn. Our bespoke curriculum is tailored to inspire and motivate girls.  Taught by teachers who are experts in girls’ education, classes are tailored to our girls’ needs. Girls are engaged with the content and the methods used to teach. Our girls are free to participate in class. Classroom studies have shown that in co-educational classrooms boys contribute more and teachers subconsciously offer boys more time to talk*.  At The Mount Senior School girls’ education is not compromised – girls are our priority.

Encouragement in Every Subject

In The Mount Senior School there is no stereotyping, especially when it comes to subject selection.  We want our girls to choose the subjects that inspire them to learn. We champion the educational needs of groups where girls are underrepresented such as in STEM related careers. Compared to co-educational schools girls educated at a single-sex school are three times more likely to go on and study STEM careers**.  At The Mount girls are able and encouraged to explore a career or future in any area they express an interest in due to our bespoke careers advice and UCAS preparation.

“Pupils demonstrate very good levels of knowledge, skills and understanding across all subjects.” ISI Inspection

Countless Opportunities

In The Mount Senior School our girls enjoy not only equal opportunities but every opportunity. Our girls do not have to compete with boys in the classroom or beyond it.  All of our activities are open to girls; they participate, influence and lead.  Research has shown that students from all-girls schools have higher aspirations and greater motivation than their female peers at co-educational schools*.  This is certainly true at The Mount Senior School where ‘This Girl Can’ has always been at the forefront of our thinking.   Girls partake in a range of activities with confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude.  They are free to try anything and have fun, not worrying about how they look or who is judging them.


Role Models and Leadership

At an all-girls school a girl occupies every role, every part in the play, every seat on the student council, every position on every team. Mount girls have a wealth of opportunities, for self-exploration and self-development. Our girls are encouraged to take charge and put themselves forward. Younger students see these female leaders as role models and learn that girls can lead in any field. Furthermore girls are introduced to female role models throughout their time at The Mount; from encouraging teachers, to learning about female icons in lessons, listening to outstanding visiting female speakers such as Cheryl Taylor, Mount Old Scholar and Director of CBeebies or meeting and being inspired by not Old Mount Scholars but by a range of high profile female leaders from the business world.

Confidence and Resilience

At The Mount Senior School girls happily allow their intellectual and social confidence to flourish.  Our girls ask questions, take risks, make judgements, make decisions and be themselves without worrying how they are viewed. We give our girls the chance to find their own identity and to overcome the confidence gap that sees so many girls and women underestimating their own abilities.  Girls can work through the challenges of adolescence without fear of embarrassment. We strongly believe in helping our girls accept and be comfortable with ‘who they are’ and we know we do that exceptionally well. Just ask any of our Old Scholars.

Simply put, we teach our girls that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl. Should you choose The Mount Senior School for your daughter you will soon notice the difference that a girls’ only education provides. She will grow in confidence, she will be inspired to believe in herself and be ready to face the world beyond as a bold independent young woman.