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We are extremely proud of what we do at The Mount and know how special a place our School is. We know that the whole Mount Community, parents, pupils and friends feel the same.  Here are some words that people have kindly shared with us to give you a flavour of our unique school and its atmosphere

I am really excited for my future at this school

“My first few weeks at The Mount have been amazing, everyone has been really kind and I’ve made lots of new friends. All the lessons have been really fun and my favourites so far are Latin, drama, art, science and geography. The teachers are exceptionally kind and I really like the way they support you no matter what. I am really excited for my future at this school.” Current Year 7

Every student is heard

“The Mount is so much more than a high achieving, busy school; it is a place where the voice of every student is heard, and each individual can become their own person.  The friends I have made here, really feel like family. They have taught me the true meaning of the word ‘friendship’ and self- acceptance.”  Former Pupil

Felt like a family

“I owe The Mount so much, joining was the best decision I ever made. Staff and students – everything about the school has felt like a family for the past three years and I’m so grateful for that”. Former Boarding Student from Germany

More self confidence

“My daughter is thriving, she has more self-confidence, belief in herself, self- motivation, understanding of the world around her and wonderfully supportive friends. We feel incredibly lucky to have found The Mount. It is a very special place.”  Current Parent

Friendly Respect

“A unique part of The Mount for me is the relationship between the teachers and students. Here there is no dictatorship or top down enforcement, but there is a friendly respect between everyone, which is particularly apparent in the orchestra and choir with teachers participating alongside students.” Former Pupil

Grow into the person you are

“The Mount is a truly unique school.  It’s a free environment where you can express your opinion and listen to others; it’s a place where you can feel safe and at ease, and know that you can be yourself.  It’s a school where you are supported by teachers when you need help and challenged by them when you’re ready for the next push; and it’s a community that lets you grow into the person you are, watching you mature free of stereotypes and other’s ideas of who you should be.”
Former Head Girl  (Engineering, MIT)

Prepared for the future

“The Mount gives its students so much, not just academically, but it produces truly wonderful girls. They are self-confident, mature and well-rounded, open for new challenges and well prepared for University. The teachers are supportive and lovely and all students are incredibly friendly, creating a unique homely atmosphere at the school. My daughter enjoyed going to school and enjoyed her lessons, which she never did at school back in Germany.  The school really catered to her strengths and shaped her personality through its quaker values. The school prepared her well for her future; her time there will always be remembered fondly by all of us. We would recommend The Mount to everyone who has the opportunity to send their daughters there.” Parent of a Former Boarder

Excellent all round

“An excellent School all round. My daughter was very happy throughout her time there.  I applaud the school’s care and genuine interest in the girls. My daughters’s love of learning comes from her time at The Mount.” Former Parent

She loves everything about it

“Personally, I really like everything about The Mount.  My daughter always had a sunny disposition but this was magnified ten times after she moved here from London.  She loves everything about it and even likes getting up in the morning. Amazing for a teenager!” Current Parent