For over 200 years, The Mount School has been a community brought together by our shared values

Past and present pupils often comment on the positive family atmosphere; everyone looks out for each other’, ‘It’s a very nice atmosphere in the School’. Our unique collaborative community values and cares for every individual.  The School has a restorative justice system that allows all pupils to develop confidence in their own opinions.

The Mount School community is generous, compassionate and keenly aware of making a positive contribution to the world around them


It is a safe place for pupils to try new things, ‘live adventurously’, find their inner confidence and discover who they are. It is a community where pupils are helped to strive for personal excellence through bespoke learning and support.


The Mount Community extends beyond the pupils and staff.

Parents are equally respected and valued as part of the community and their opinions matter to us. We encourage an open relationship between parents and the School.  Parents are regularly invited to the School to attend concerts, information evenings, coffee mornings and to meet with members of staff.

Old Scholars remain in touch with the School through MOSA, our active Old Alumnae association.  Old Scholars frequently return to school for reunions, to advise current pupils or to simply take a walk down memory lane!

This interaction outside the classroom between staff, past and present pupils and their families creates a strong family atmosphere and is the essence of The Mount School’s energy, strength and happiness.