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For over 230 years, The Mount School York has been a community brought together by our shared values – knowing girls can.

One of the unique aspects of an all-girls education at The Mount is the sense of belonging that each girl experiences. Our girls are welcomed into a friendly, positive and caring communityPast and present Mount girls often comment on the supportive atmosphere; ‘Everyone looks out for each other,’ ‘My friends are wonderfully supportive.’ By being part of a community of like-minded individuals, our girls feel a sense of connection to the school community. They feel known and that they belong. Girls are empowered to pursue their ambitions and support others.  

We are proud to be a small school community that allows us to place great emphasis on girls getting to know one another across the whole School. This allows girls to broaden their friendships and provides role models for the younger years. Together they participate in regular meetings and a range of activities and events including peer mentoring, house activities, sports, and fundraising initiatives 


Influenced by our Quaker ethos, we are a community in which unlimited kindness and respectful relationships are the foundation of our School ethos. 

Our unique collaborative community values, cares for and respects every individual. It is a safe place for girls to try new things, ‘live adventurously’ and discover their inner confidence. Mount girls know and celebrate who they are.  

Girls are also keenly aware of their relationships with their community and the wider world. They know the role they can play as a responsible citizen and leader and they want to make a positive contribution to the world around them. 

“The ethos of tolerance and care for others is found throughout the school.”

“Pupils display excellent social skills and awareness of others. They support and encourage each other frequently and unselfconsciously.”

“Pupils relish the diversity between each other and learn from it because the school has successfully created an atmosphere where differences are invisible and prejudices are absent.”

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“Everyone always asks what makes The Mount so special? Is it the standard of learning, or the facilities or the opportunities? These are all amazing, but I and many others will consistently answer with the same thing, to the extent it has become a bit of a cliche of sorts, that it is our community that makes The Mount so special. The Mount’s community is warm and welcoming, and due to its small size, no girl feels alone or unsupported; there is an undoubtable feeling of being part of a family.” College Pupil, who joined The Mount age 3. 

The Mount Community extends beyond the pupils and staff.

We are small enough to ensure each girl and her family is well known. Parents are equally respected and valued as part of the community and their opinions matter to us. We encourage an open relationship between parents and the School. Parents are regularly invited to the School to attend concerts, information evenings, coffee mornings and to meet with members of staff. 

Old Scholars remain in touch with the School through MOSA, our active Alumnae association. Old Scholars frequently return to school for reunions, to advise current pupils on career choices and offer mentoring, or to simply take a walk down memory lane!