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Across the whole of The Mount School we run the PeaceJam global curriculum programme, an international programme based on the work of Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

The PeaceJam curriculum goes hand in hand with the Quaker values of peace and social justice

Many pupils are actively involved in the programme beyond their lessons. The Mount School is the first school in England to bring the PeaceJam Ambassador’s Programme into our Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form College curriculum, looking specifically at ideas surrounding peace, violence, social justice and oppression.

This forms part of our overall Global Thinking ethos, encompassing everything pupils do that is not linked to their studies. The Mount has been recognised as a PeaceJam Centre of Excellence for the work we are doing and its integration into the curriculum.

The curriculum, based on a triangle of education, inspiration and action, uses the stories of Nobel Peace Prize winners and aims to encourage young people to create and implement their own Global Call to Action Projects, becoming creative leaders who are committed to solving the most difficult problems facing our world.

PeaceJam helps our pupils to become confident in understanding global affairs, expressing opinions and showing understanding of how to achieve peaceful resolutions in times of conflict

We believe that it also helps pupils to work together better in School; it gives them a broader understanding of each other and an ability to work through all those issues you often have when you are growing up. Senior girls often work with pupils in Junior School to support their projects.