The founders of The Mount established this pioneering school to provide a “superior education for leaders of the future.” 

Today academic excellence remains at the heart of our curriculum.  Committed staff continue to inspire each individual pupil to strive for personal and academic excellence. From Pre-School to Sixth Form, pupils are encouraged to question, analyse and solve problems.  Pupils of all ages thrive in an environment in which learning is highly valued.

At The Mount School, we encourage a love of learning and an ability to think creatively and independently

A broad and imaginative curriculum places equal value on all subjects, to inspire every pupil. It is no coincidence that Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, one of the leading British astro-physicists, was a Mount School pupil.


Small class sizes across the school, mean children benefit from attentive tuition 

Dedicated study areas for each stage of our pupils’ development, provide them with a space to learn and reflect at their own pace. In The Senior School this level of support leads to consistently strong GCSE and A level results.

No matter at what the stage a pupil joins The Mount School, they will be challenged to try new things and discover a love of learning. To view more information on school specific curriculums please click on the links below.

Pre-School Curriculum 

Junior School Curriculum

Senior School Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum