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The founders of The Mount established this pioneering school to provide a “superior education for female leaders of the future.” 

Today academic excellence remains at the heart of our curriculum. Our bespoke and engaging curriculum is tailored to motivate and enthuse pupils from the Early Years to Sixth Form.
In The Mount Junior School we teach a bespoke curriculum through a carefully balanced combination of specialist teaching and creative thinking. Our aim is to provide children with a deep foundation of skills knowledge and attitudes that will equip them to thrive at school,

In the Senior School the confidence and security pupils gain within our all-girls setting means they are free to focus their energies on learning. Mount girls are proud to display their intelligence and explore their natural curiosity. They are not embarrassed to speak up or make mistakes. Girls become self-assured and self-motivated learners.

Pupils are given a strong foundation of knowledge and a variety of learning skills, they learn to set individual goals and meet new challenges. From Pre-School to Sixth Form, pupils are encouraged to question, analyse and solve problems.


We encourage a love of learning and an ability to think creatively and independently. A broad and imaginative curriculum places equal value on all subjects. Small class sizes across the school, mean pupils benefit from attentive tuition, teachers know their pupils well understanding their strengths and when they may be struggling. Dedicated study areas for each stage of our pupils’ development, provide them with a space to learn and reflect at their own pace. In The Senior School this level of support leads to consistently strong GCSE and A level results.

No matter at what the stage a pupil joins The Mount School, they will be empowered to believe in themselves, challenged to try new things and discover a love of learning.

“Pupils of all ages, needs and abilities demonstrate excellent attitudes to learning. They are diligent and focused in their individual and collaborative studies.”

“Pupils exhibit a sense of empowerment and are very keen to learn, supported by encouragement to achieve their best at all times.”

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