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‘Being at The Mount means you have No limits!’

Girls at The Mount Senior School are encouraged to try everything and develop a ‘Can Do’ attitude. We help our girls discover their passions and talents by providing a wealth of opportunities.  We teach a broad range of subjects designed to provide girls with a range of life skills including the ‘soft skills’ so important for being a successful and compassionate individual.  We offer an excellent provision in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Specialist teachers teach performing and creative arts and we have developed a new innovative curriculum based on turning STEM into STEAM where the creative arts are used to deliver STEM related activities. Girls have every chance to achieve many different accomplishments and are not restricted by stereotypes in our all girls environment.

Empowering Confident Young Women

We are leaders in the education of girls and understanding their needs. In The Mount Senior School girls are put first, nothing compromises their education.  We teach our girls to believe nothing is beyond their reach.

“Pupils exhibit a sense of empowerment and are very keen to learn, supported by encouragement to achieve their best at all times.”

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Bespoke Education

We offer a bespoke education tailored to each individual.  Small class sizes enable our inspiring teachers to get to know their pupils well, offering individual support and guidance.

“Pupils attainment and good progress is supported and enabled because school leaders use assessment data carefully, to ensure that teaching and curriculum provision is well-matched to pupils’ needs and abilities.”
ISI Inspection

Well Rounded Individuals

The Mount Senior School is about more than just results. Just as important is the ‘value added’ that The Mount School brings to each individual, both academically and personally. We provide a well-rounded education preparing our girls for the next step in their lives, leaving them ready to make a positive contribution to our changing world.

Come and See

We are extremely proud of The Mount Senior School and our confident and friendly pupils. Our unique collaborative community allows everyone the freedom to flourish in a calm and caring community.  We would be delighted to show you around our unique school.  Click here to find out how to arrange a visit.