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Boarders at The Mount really do live adventurously, and make the most of every available opportunity presented by living in the vibrant city of York. Every girl fulfils her potential on a great many levels.

A typical day as a boarder

Wake up and Breakfast – Girls are awoken by House Staff.  They then get ready for school and attend breakfast in the Dining Hall.

School Day – Once girls have left the House they will attend lessons and lunch at school.  They will not return to the Boarding House until the end of the school day

After School Activities – A range of activities take place in School between 4-6pm.  All girls (day and boarding) commit to at least three activities each week.

Evening Meal – Boarding girls enjoy a nutritious three course evening meal in the Dining Hall.

Prep Time – Prep is when boarders complete their homework or revision under the supervision of, and specialised assistance from, members of teaching staff. Prep for younger girls takes place in a computer room, while Sixth Form boarders complete their Prep in their individual studies.

Activities and Free Time – House Staff organise a range of activities for boarders in the evening, sometimes for everyone, and at other times for specific year groups. Boarding pupils are also have free time to relax and rest.

Bed Time – Girls go to their room 30 minutes before lights out. This allows time to prepare books and uniform/clothes for the following day. Bedtimes take place between 9.15pm – 10.45pm, dependent  on the age of the girls.

Meals at The Mount

There is a wide choice of food at meal times, including hot, cold and vegetarian options. Provision is also made for special dietary, medical or religious needs. Fruit is available at every meal and break time.  Snacks are also available in the House in the evenings and at weekends.  Our expert catering team use local fresh produce.  All food is prepared and cooked on site.

Pupil Voice

Boarders have a say in how things are run at The Mount via various committees.  They communicate the views of boarders, between students, families, staff, school leadership and the governing Committee.  An example of this is the Boarding Committee that meets to discuss boarding needs. A Food Committee also meets routinely to discuss meals, dietary requirements and celebrations. There is also Eco-Committee, Charity Committee, and School Council. If girls are passionate about a particular subject, they are welcome to start their own support group.

Opportunities for Worship

Meeting for Quaker worship is important for pupils and staff, and this is a uniting facet of our community. It is a short period of silent reflection on Sunday mornings, and gives the boarding community an opportunity to come together as a whole group. Girls from other faiths are also able to attend a religious service outside School, of which there are a number of available services across York.