2018-2019 School Fees

In April The Mount School York has announced our plans to reduce our School fees to be more affordable to more families. The new fee structure will take place from September 2018.

Margaret Bryan, who chairs the School’s governing committee, wrote to parents that “over recent years, the independent sector has become progressively more unaffordable for all but the wealthiest families. This situation is not in line with our Quaker ethos, and does not accord with our ambition to offer the benefits of a Mount School education to a wide range of families. We have therefore decided to substantially reduce our day fees to make The Mount School affordable to more families.”

Read more about The Mount School York’s vision for the future.

A PDF version of the 2018-2019 fees can be viewed here  The Mount School York Fees 2018-2019
To view the Pre School Fees please click here.

The fees for the academic year 2018-19 are as follows.
Years 1 and 2£2,350
Years 3 - 6£2,950
Before and after school care£6 per hour
Years 7 and 8£4,850
Years 9 - 13£5,650
UK Weekly Years 7 and 8£6,020
UK Weekly Years 9 - 13£8,751
UK Full Years 7 and 8£6,797
UK Full Years 9 - 13£9,627
International Years 7 and 8£8,200
International Years 9 - 13£9,897
Flexi Boarding£46 per night
Individual Music and Drama Lessons£240 per term
Drama group lessons£120 per term
All individual additional lessons (any subject)£45 per lesson
All shared additional lessons (any subject)£29 per lesson
Additional Special Educational Needs Individual Learning Support*£20 per session
Additional Special Educational Needs Group Learning Support (with two or more pupils simultaneously)*£10 per session

There are three terms in each Academic Year.

*Additional SEN lessons may be required in exceptional circumstances over and above our standard offering. Additional SEN support will always be discussed with parents before a pupil begins any additional chargeable lessons. 

Registration & Acceptance Fees

A non-refundable Registration Fee per pupil is payable when an application is made for a place at The Mount School. Additionally, when a place is offered to a pupil, there is an Acceptance Contract to be completed by parents and returned with a non-refundable Acceptance Fee. The Acceptance Fee will not be refunded if a place is not taken up.

Junior School - Reception£50£100
Junior School - Years 1-6£50£200
Senior School - Years 7 -13£75£350
Junior and Senior School any additional younger sibling£25as above

Boarding Registration Fee & Deposit

Boarding pupils are required to pay a non-refundable Registration Fee per pupil payable when an application is made for a place at The Mount School. Additionally, they are required to pay a deposit which includes the non-refundable Acceptance Fee.  The boarding deposit will be refunded, less the Acceptance Fee and any outstanding balance after a pupil leaves the School.

UK and EU Boarders£75£1,000 (of which £350 is non-refundable)
International Boarders£751 term's fee (of which £350 is non-refundable)
Short stay (1 term or less) UK and EU Boarders£75£500 (of which £100 is non-refundable)
Short Stay (1 term or less) International Boarders£751 term's fee (of which £100 is non-refundable)