Mount girls leave us ready to take on the world. Through our belief in women and our special ethos, they have an understanding of global issues, they develop an awareness of and a confidence, in their place in world.

Girls from The Mount have gone on to achieve great success in a diverse variety of fields; Doctors, Engineers, Authors, Astrophysicists, Actresses Teachers, to name but a few.

We highly value our connection with our former students and delight in welcoming them back to the School.  Through MOSA our alumnae association we celebrate the achievements and experiences of our alumnae with students, staff and the local community.

Mount Old Scholars’ Association(MOSA)

The Mount Old Scholars’ Association (MOSA) aims to ensure that all alumnae stay connected with the school and one another after they have left The Mount.  To find out more about The Mount Old Scholars’ Association and how you can keep in touch please click here.

Mount Old Scholars include:

See a more comprehensive list on our Wikipedia page.

The Mount School Archives

The Mount School archive is full of photographs, paintings, artefacts and old school publications.  They all help document the rich history and heritage of The Mount School.

If you have any photographs or documents you would like to add to the school’s archive please contact Sarah Moore, Alumnae Officer