At The Mount Senior School scholarships are offered for Academic Excellence, Art, Drama, Music, Performing Arts and Sport, depending on the year group in which pupils are joining The Mount School York.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of ability in the specified area.

Each scholarship entitles the holder to a remission of fees per annum. Scholarships may be applied for by day pupils, boarders and international students.  A pupil may hold an academic scholarship and one specialist scholarship simultaneously; however, pupils will generally hold only one specialist scholarship at any time.

In making such awards, the School will always take into consideration each girl’s potential for contributing to the ethos and life of the School community.  Providing they continue to meet the appropriate criteria, a scholarship is awarded for the duration of a girl’s School career at The Mount. The Principal reserves the right to withdraw a Scholarship at any time should the Scholarship criteria not be met.

  • Scholarships in Year 7 are offered for Academic Excellence, Music, Performing Arts and Sport.
  • Scholarships in Year 9  are offered for Academic Excellence,  Drama, Music and Sport. 
  • Scholarships in Sixth Form are offered for Academic Excellence, Drama, Music and Art.

Application & Assessment

Scholarship applications are completed during the Autumn Term. Scholarship information packs will be sent out to all registered applicants as well as our current Year 6, Year 8 and Year 11 pupils. Scholarship applications are required to be completed and returned to the Admissions Office by the end of the Autumn Term.

Assessments take place in the following January during Scholarship Day. All applicants wishing to be considered for a scholarship will be invited to take part in our Scholarship Day.  Assessments will take place in a variety of ways depending on the scholarship a pupil is applying for.  We take great care to make the Scholarship Day as relaxed as can be.  However, please do keep in mind when applying for a Scholarship that it can be a challenging experience.  Decisions on Scholarships are made by February half term.

Please click the following link to view more information on the assessment styles of the individual scholarships. The Mount Scholarships Information 2019

Senior School Bursaries

The Mount School has a long history of providing financial assistance to pupils and their families through bursaries. The awarding of bursaries is embedded in The Mount School’s culture and is something in which we passionately believe. Bursaries are available for entry into Year 7 and above. It is our aim to reach out to those children whose families cannot meet the cost of fees unaided and offer them the opportunity to receive a Mount School education in the Senior School years.

How Does the Scheme Work?

Bursaries are available for entry to The Mount Senior School on the following basis:

  • The Mount School’s bursary scheme is designed to be flexible and includes offers to parents from Year 7 upwards during the admissions process. It is not the usual practice to offer bursaries to new parents of children for entry into the Junior School. Consideration will be given to parents of pupils who wish to join Year 6 with the intention of moving through into The Mount Senior School.
  • The bursary resources available to The Mount School are distributed in the Spring Term of the entry year. The fair allocation of The Mount School’s resources depends on transparency and ensuring that the families applying for bursaries are informed as a place is offered or before the acceptance date is reached.
  • Bursaries can be awarded up to a maximum of 50% of School Fees. Bursary funding is also available for entry into College 1 (Year 12) for high achieving GCSE students who attain seven or more A*/A grades or Grades 7/8/9 at any state secondary school.

How Do Parents Apply?

Enquiries about bursaries and application form requests should be directed to the Director of Business Operations, Nick Higgins, at

Enquiries should be made during the Autumn Term, with a view to pupils taking part in the entrance procedure during the Spring Term prior to the date of entry.

If you wish to apply, you will have to complete a confidential statement of financial circumstances. Both parents will be required to complete a financial statement. Applications for a means-tested bursary can only be considered from UK nationals.

Bursaries are also available through a number of Trusts, including the Lydia Rous and Lucy Harrison Trust and the Stacey Sisters’ Trust.

What Is The Difference Between A Bursary And A Scholarship?

A bursary is means-tested, with the value of the bursary relative to financial resources of the pupil’s family. The School does not publish details about the individual awards of bursaries as pupils and their families may not wish it to be generally known that they hold a bursary. Scholarships, on the other hand, offer a discount relative to ability and irrespective of financial means.

If you have any queries regarding our scholarships and bursaries, please contact the Finance Office.