If you would like to get in touch with MOSA we would be delighted to hear from you on the contact details below.

MOSA Office

Please contact the Development and Alumnae Officer Lucy Marsh

Email: lmarsh@mountschoolyork.co.uk

Tel: 01904 675 500

Address: The Mount School York, Dalton Terrace, York, Y024 4DD

MOSA Contact Forms

If you have not done so please request a copy of the MOSA Contact Form by contacting mosa@mountschoolyork.co.uk or by post to The Mount School York, Dalton Terrace, York Y0224 4DD

Data Protection & Privacy

As part of our work with Mount alumni The Mount School York collects and processes personal data relating to old Scholars. You are under no obligation to provide data to The Mount School York. The Mount School York values your privacy and the safety and security of your personal data is of utmost importance to us.  To find out more information on how your data will be processed, securely stored and your rights please view our ‘Privacy Notice’ and our Data Protection Policy

MOSA Committee

Interim Chair Nicola Spence
Hon TreasurerCatherine (Harrison) Davey
Chair, Lydia Rous Committee Susan Croft
Secretary, Lydia Rous CommiteeLesley (Milne-Redhead) Tregaskes
Branch Liaison OfficerChristine (Gaudin) Irving
Leavers' RepresentativesNicole Dransfield (2017), Caroline Rosenzweig (2016)
MOSA Representatives on School CommiteeNicola Spence and Jo (Holmes-Reckitt) Mahler
General Committee MembersAlison (Wroe) Baldwin, Christine Johnson and Lucy Turner
MOSA Representatives on The Mount School York FoundationNicola Spence

Branch Officer (Also MOSA Committee Members)

To contact any of the below Branch officers please email mosa@mountschoolyork.co.uk

Branch Branch Officer
Bristol & South WestPat (Stewart) Thirkettle
Bucks, Hert & OxonNo secretary in post.
East AngliaJulia (Baron) Campbell
East of ScotlandMichelle (MacKinnon) Rae & Gemma (Drury) Hay
Hants. Wilts. & Berks.Dr Zilla (Kaye) Fraser
IrelandBranch closed Autumn 2016. Contact if needed: Maurethe (Varley) Walker
LincolnshireMargaret (Chadburn) Harrold
MerseysideMaureen (Poe) Roca
MidlandsChristine M. Johnson
North EastElizabeth (Craig) Morgan
North WestNo secretary in post. Contact Hester (Mounsey)
North Yorkshire & HumbersideAlison (Wroe) Baldwin
PendleNo secretary in post.
South EastNikki (Bylake) Lawton
South and West YorkshireElizabeth (Starkie) Wagstaff
West of ScotlandNo secretary in post. Contact Jean (Hutton) Charsley
Branch Liaison OfficerChristine (Gaudin) Irving