Academic Year 2019-2020

AUTUMN TERM 2019 Wednesday 4 September - Saturday 14 December
Boarders ReturnTuesday 3 September
Term BeginsWednesday 4 September
Boarding relaxed weekend*Friday 27 September - Sunday 29 September
Half TermSaturday 26 October - Monday 4 November (Term recommences Tuesday 5 November)
Boarding relaxed weekend*Friday 22 November - Sunday 24 November
Christmas Foundation MeetingSaturday 14 December 10.00am
Term EndsSaturday 14 December (after Christmas Meeting)
SPRING TERM 2020 Tuesday 7 January - Friday 27 March
Boarders ReturnMonday 6 January
Term BeginsTuesday 7 January
Boarding relaxed weekend*Friday 24 January to Sunday 26 January
Half TermSaturday 15 February - Sunday 23 February (Boarders return 23 February. Term recommences Monday 24 February)
Term EndsFriday 27 March
SUMMER TERM 2020 Monday 20 April - Friday 3 July
Boarders ReturnSunday 19 April
Term beginsMonday 20 April
Bank HolidayFriday 8 May (please note the bank holiday has been changed nationally to support VE Day celebrations)
Boarding Relaxed Weekend*4pm Thursday 7 May - Sunday 10 May
Half TermSaturday 23 May - Sunday 31 May (Boarders return Sunday 31 May. Term recommences Monday 1 June)
Term EndsFriday 3 July

*Boarding Relaxed Weekends. From September 2019. ‘Exeat Weekends’ are changing to ‘Relaxed Weekends’. Instead of boarders having to leave School to return home or to stay with Guardians, during ‘Relaxed Weekends’ boarders will be able to stay in the Boarding House. The House will be staffed by the usual Boarding Staff, but some meals will be provided in house and the activities programme will be less busy, therefore making the weekend more relaxed. Boarders may still choose to go home or visit their Guardians over a ‘Relaxed Weekend’ should they wish to.