The Mount Senior School is a happy, busy and thriving community educating girls from the age of 11 to 18 years.

We are a small school with  a rich history and heritage of educating girls. We are a top performing academic school but one in which the whole person matters more and pupils are celebrated for being individuals. In the Senior School we are passionate about putting girls first, inspiring confident young women, enabling them to believe nothing is beyond their reach. We are leaders in educating girls and understanding their needs.

Built on strong foundations based on our Quaker ethos of simplicity, truth, equality, peace and social justice, we offer outstanding pastoral care and a bespoke educational package for girls



Our pupils are compassionate, understanding and caring and our aim is to help them become incredibly self-aware as individuals, confident to stand up for what they believe, showing passion in argument without arrogance, whilst being tolerant and accepting of other view points and beliefs. Within a unique collaborative community, every student voice is heard. The Quaker ethos is such that all cultures and faiths are celebrated and our School is open and welcoming to people from all backgrounds and different walks of life.

We are a Centre of Excellence for PeaceJam and all pupils participate in the PeaceJam curriculum

Through PeaceJam pupils learn how Nobel Peace Prize Laureates have resolved conflict in peaceful ways. Pupils then take those skills and examples themselves and adapt and apply them to how they deal with misunderstandings in their everyday lives.

Academically, we are consistently one of the top performing schools in the North of England

Our Year 13 students gain places at a range of prestigious and Russell Group Universities including Oxford, Edinburgh, Exeter, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, UCL and also Cornell in the USA. Degree courses being followed include Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Politics, History, Geography, English, Business Management and Modern Foreign Languages, to name but a few.

Parents and pupils often say that they fell in love with The Mount on their very first visit, having felt the ethos and family atmosphere instantly when talking to pupils and staff.  I warmly invite you to feel that atmosphere for yourself and to see us in action on a typical working day.

Adrienne Richmond,