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A pioneer among girls’ schools, The Mount School York was established in 1785 to provide ‘a superior education for leaders of the future.’  We may say it differently now, but our aims remain the same – to provide a first-class education by developing girls’ individual strengths, and celebrating their achievements. Each pupil is valued for who she is, which is especially poignant within the boarding community.

Our House Staff are experts in guiding girls through their adolescent years

We understand that parents are entrusting their daughters to our care at a significant time in their lives. We take great pride in understanding the needs and complexity of teenage girls, and understand that growing up can be a complicated and stressful time. Based on proven educational research, we know an all-girls environment is the optimum ingredient in their development of confidence and subsequent ability to learn.

Our girls live in a vibrant, caring and tolerant community

They express themselves, air their opinions and speak their mind, without worrying about conforming to the expectations of others or gender stereotypes. They enjoy activities and try new experiences, without fear of being judged, or needing to defer to others.

Mount girls support each other and develop lifelong friendships. With the support from their peers and staff, girls develop into confident, mature and responsible young women.