The Mount School Sixth Form produces a very special kind of girl: mature, quietly confident, comfortable to be herself, to think independently, to live adventurously, to be critically conscious of the world around her whilst being considerate of others.

We have a reputation for excellent achievement and seeing girls successfully go on to high-ranking universities and career paths. We strive to provide every girl with her own individual experience of study, providing a balanced environment in which they can grow and experiment leading to an understanding of where they want to go after The Mount and how they will get there. Making the right choice for Sixth Form education is so important and we know what we can offer at The Mount is truly exceptional.


Girls join our Sixth Form from The Mount Senior School, from schools around Yorkshire and from overseas. Our warm and welcoming environment means that new girls quickly become part of The Mount family and within a few days feel that they have been at the School for years. In our Sixth Form all our students want to focus on their studies from day one and work ethic is naturally strong with girls themselves driving their independent studies, developing habits that prepare the well for University and the world of work.

Our small Independent School environment means that students are able to hone their skills during the two A Level years to get the best results they can. Girls have their ‘dreams and aspirations’ and through supported study, they can push themselves to achieve them with highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers motivating them at every turn. With The Mount on her CV, a girl is sure to go far.

Joanne Goudriaan, Head of Sixth Form (College)