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Junior School Taste Buddies Eat a Rainbow


As adults we understand the importance of ‘eating a rainbow’ and enjoying a wide variety of colourful produce, today as part of their ‘taste buddies’ session, it was the turn of the Junior School to sample some of the freshest and brightest foods.  

Catering Manager, Ben explained the benefits of eating an array of different foods and invited the girls to try something that caught their eye. A delectable platter of sweet-smelling fruits and vegetables was presented to the pupils as they each shared what they had tried before. 

“I love cabbage” – Anouk, Year 1 

“I don’t like beetroot usually” – Edie, Year 1 

“I like watermelon, I like strawberries and I also like carrots” – Mary, Year 1

“I have had purplestem broccoli before, I liked it” – Clemmie, Year 6 

The focus this time was on the Mediterranean favourite, the blood orange. There was initial intrigue into the colour of the fruit, but that did not stop the girls from tucking in and giving it a go. On the menu for dessert after lunch, the catering team had prepared a freshly baked blood orange cake, showing the delicious ways in which fruit can accompany a sweet treat.

“My daddy went to Spain where these blood oranges are from” – Mary, Year 1 

“It has got red like blood inside it, it tastes different to normal orange too.” – Emily, Year 1 

“I’m not usually an orange fan, but these are different.” – Izzy, Year 4 

The pupils in Junior School, and across the whole School community, are served a menu of fresh, varied and delicious meals daily. Our in-house professional caterers, Wilson Vale actively encourage the girls to try a wide range of produce with each meal and ensure that eating healthy is something they enjoy together.  

As part of the taste buddies experience, the children sample a local dish or a particular food from a different country and collect stamps for their passport along the way. We look forward to seeing which country the jet off to next!

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