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Amazing Juniors In Elvington


We went inside an aeroplane! And we saw a biplane, and an airship and a hot air balloon. And a jet plane!” – Caroline Y1

Girls in Years 1 and 2 had an incredible adventure at the National Air Museum in Elvington, which the teachers said was possibly one of the best museum visits they’ve ever seen.

After a warm welcome, the girls enjoyed a short workshop on the history of flight. They were then treated to a guided tour of the museum with a team of superb guides.

We went looking around the Halifax bomber! We walked around the back, saw the birds, saw where the pilots sit, saw the bin and their toilet.” – Cecily

The airship had a hotel inside it!” – Isabel

The girls’ thinking adventures continue. In class, they are now learning about the lives of famous pilots, including Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson.

See our Gallery of photos from the day.