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‘Bishy Rd’ Investigations with College I


Over the past couple of weeks, geographers in College I have been investigating their local place, Bishopthorpe Road, fondly known as ‘Bishy Rd’.  

The changing places topic in the geography specification focuses on people’s engagement with places, their experience of them and the qualities they ascribe, all of which are of fundamental importance in their lives.  

 The students have engaged with how their local place is known and experienced, how the character is appreciated, and the factors and processes which impact upon the local place and how it has changed and developed over time. Through expanding this knowledge, they have gained an understanding of the way in which their own lives and those of others are affected by continuity and change. 

The place studies also complement the requirement to embed the study of content in two contrasting places. Study of this ‘local place’ offers opportunities to exercise and develop qualitative (and quantitative) investigative techniques and practice-related observation, measurement and various mapping skills, together with data manipulation and statistical skills including those associated with and arising from fieldwork. 

College 1 Geographers are currently honing their fieldwork skills in less familiar environments on their residential field trip to the Cranedale Centre. We look forward to hearing their findings, and how the two locations compare. 

“I liked learning about the conflict within the new chocolate works when they started building the new buildings” Chloe  

“I found it interesting how the racecourses have 24 miles of drainage below it” – Afsha  

“It was interesting learning about the Chocolate Works and talking to a person who lived there for 31 years providing an insider perspective” – Ayu 

“I really enjoyed learning about the local people’s lived experiences” Maddi

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