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Boarding Activities – The Deep, The Cat’s Whiskers… and a birthday!


The Deep, The Cats Whiskers… and a birthday! Boarding pupils were very busy last weekend as they took part in a number of exciting trips, activities and birthday celebrations. 

Year 8 Sleepover

Ensuring the weekend got off to a fine start, day pupils in year 8 were invited to attend a sleepover on Friday evening. Not just your average sleepover, the girls had a 13th birthday to celebrate, making the event just that extra special. They had lots of fun as they ate their evening meal together before settling into an evening of fun activities. The girls enjoyed playing hide and seek and tennis together, and even found the time to watch a movie – a proper sleepover tradition. In true birthday style, they snacked on popcorn, sweets and of course finished off with birthday cake! 


“The sleepover was very fun and made me feel like part of a community.” – Annabel 

Everyone was very welcoming!” – Emily Kay  

The Cat’s Whiskers

With such an exciting start to the weekend, the pressure was on to keep the momentum going and luckily Saturday’s activities did not disappoint. Angelina, Grace and Mathilde had an amazing time as they visited ‘The Cats Whiskers’, a local Cat Café in the city centre. The café, situated in the heart of the city and dedicated to adorable furry friends, is the perfect spot for visitors to snuggle up and relax with the animals as they catch up with one another over home baked treats. The trio had coffee, tea and cake and spent over an hour playing with some very cute and cheeky cats. After having almost just as much fun as the cats did, the girls were quick to exclaim how much they would love to go again. 

“It was lovely – Pumpkin was my favourite cat!” – Mathilde, Year 8  

“I had an amazing time. It was my first time stroking a cat!” – Grace, Year 9 


The Deep 

Ending the weekend on a high, Year 7 – College I boarders, and invited day pupils visited ‘The Deep’. The aquarium, and marine conservationist centre, is home to an incredible 3000 marine creatures, across 8 different animal zones. Pupils explored the animals, which ranged from sharks, penguins, tree boas and turtles plus many more and viewed first-hand the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition. The visit not only allowed the girls to immerse themselves in the experience entirely, but it also developed their understanding of marine biology and animal conservation.  

“I liked the trip to The Deep very much. My favourite part was the aquarium lift towards the end!” – Johanna, Year 10 

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