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Borealis Lecture Boosts Expedition Excitement


Nigel Bidgood, The Head of the Borealis Society gave a fascinating lecture on Friday 21st April on the “Origins and adaptations to survival of the Arctic flora of East Greenland”.  

The lecture focused specifically on the scientific research project that the Greenland Expeditionary group will be conducting during their time in East Greenland in the summer of 2024.  

This awe-inspiring opportunity will involve climbing some of the nunataks (frost-shattered mountain peaks that rise above the ice) to study the species composition and adaptations of the flora that may have allowed it to survive the Ice Ages in situ, and to then be in a position to directly recolonise the newly exposed land, as the ice receded rather than having to recolonise from areas well to the south of the most advanced ice masses.  

The stunning mountain photographs together with the beautiful images of the Arctic flora certainly gave a sense of real excitement as regards this major venture and there was no doubt as to the motivation and focus of the College girls who are training and preparing to embark on this challenging expedition in June. 

“I am really looking forward to the 2023/24 Winter season of Borealis Lectures, including the next one to be delivered by Nigel, concerning the Greenland Expedition’s academic research programme, entitled “The Human History of Greenland”. – Mr Waddington, Deputy Head of College. 

The next instalment of the Borealis Winter Lecture Series is currently scheduled for Friday 1st December, 7pm in the School Hall. Further details and booking information will be available in due course. 

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