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Bright. Young. Things Perform


Our very own ‘Bright Young Things’ illuminated the stage this week as The Mount School players premiered their annual Senior School production.  

Based on Nick Hern Books arrangement of ‘Bright Young Things’, the cast brought to life the story of six remarkably young and talented reality tv contestants in a witty, fast-paced fashion. The light-hearted narrative complimented perfectly the subtle undertones of screenwriter, Georgia Christou’s play about identity, truth, social media and discovering who you really are as a young individual – something each of our girls can surely relate to as they grow up.  

Each year, the Senior School production is a real community affair, with pupils from Year 7 to College II  participating and playing an important role in its success. Alongside an extensive cast list, a team of enthusiastic technicians worked behind the scenes to ensure our performers delivered a wonderful performance.  

Months prior to opening night, girls in Year 10 began work on creative and designed the promotional pieces and considered the staging, probs and set arrangement. Closely followed by script readings, technical rehearsals and performance run throughs from the dedicated cast and technical support teams. 

The debut night welcomed family and friends in their droves to enjoy the performance, with even more audience members expected for the finalé on Thursday. The hilarious cue cards produced by Year 7 pupils, Daisy and Melanie, were all the encouragement the audience needed to engage in an element of fun audience participation, and we can expect more of the same this evening. We cannot wait for you to see it.

The Mount School would like to give thanks to all the cast members, technical crew and members of staff who each worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of this spectacular production.

View the opening night gallery here

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