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College Geographers Investigate Cranedale


On 10 February, College Geographers travelled to the Cranedale Centre in the Yorkshire Wolds. Strong winds and wind chill were an ever-present challenge. However, the girls’ resilience and spirit of ‘living adventurously’ shone through.

Day 1 Water and Carbon Cycle study – A range of practical techniques such as soil moisture, infiltration, ground and tree vegetation carbon and river discharge were measured at two differing land uses – pasture and woodland.

Day 2 Glacial and Periglacial landscapes – Students were trained to develop their skills of landscape interpretation. A tour of several sites across the Yorkshire Wolds allowed students to observe some of the characteristic landforms. In the afternoon a range of techniques to gather quantitative data on glacial and periglacial deposits was conducted.

Day 3 Microclimates and Investigative skills work shop. Temperature, wind speed, wind direction were measured. In the afternoon students were presented with a ‘mystery bucket’ or randomly selected fieldwork equipment and challenged to create an investigation.

– Carol Cook, Head of Geography