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Creative Arts Festival Celebrates 100 Years of Agatha Christie


Our Creative Arts Festival this week took the entire Senior School off timetable to spend three full days celebrating the life, work and achievements of the woman who is undoubtedly the greatest novelist of all time, Agatha Christie.

The Festival offered a carousel of activities followed by two full days of in-depth workshops. Workshops featured art deco, cinema club, creative writing of crime fiction, cryptography, 1920s dance, flapper fashion design, escape rooms, fashion, film, crime scene forensics, the music of the Roaring Twenties and a twist on ‘Russian Roulette’.

I have enjoyed the fact that you could pick the activity you wanted to do and do that all day, because I really like Art.” – Elizabeth (Year 8)

I really enjoyed the Music carousel where we put together different rhythms.” – Afsha (Year 10)

It was interesting to see how Agatha Christie’s personal life went into her books and how her books were not as dark as you would think murder mystery would be, because it took place after a time of war.” – Emily (Year 7)

Creative Writing and the Library is like my patch because I enjoy reading murder mystery books.” – Neve (Year 7)

The Film Club created an actual murder mystery film, The Mysterious Affair at The Mount, which was set among our spacious grounds and where the mystery is solved by the great Hercule Poirot and the murderer is apprehended. The Senior School enjoyed watching the film’s world premiere during Friday’s Morning Meeting.

Watch The Mysterious Affair at The Mount