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Early Years, Reception and Year 1 Visit the Seaside


Lucky pupils in Early Years, Reception and Year 1 visited the seaside last week. The girls arrived in a sunny Bridlington just in time for a quick snack before playing in the sand on the beachfront. They had great fun building sandcastles, burying their feet in the warm sand, and digging for any hidden treasure.  

Keen to cool down and take a dip in the sea, the girls headed down the beach for some splashing and paddling, with some even braving a little lie down in the water! Despite getting intentionally very wet, everyone had a lovely day and were far too excited to feel the cold.  

Just a short walk across the beach was a paddling pool where they splashed in the water once again and played together. When everyone had dried off it was time for the girls to tuck into a packed lunch by the beach huts. In true seaside tradition, they rounded off their trip to the seaside with an ice cream and to watch the boats along the horizon. A possible sighting of a pirate ship on its way to bury some treasure on an island was also reported by some very eagle-eyed girls. What an exciting trip! 

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