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GCSE Science Live!


A group of year 10 and 11 girls visited Bradford yesterday to attend GCSE Science Live! – an exciting opportunity to spectate lectures delivered by prominent industry professionals.  

The immersive experience offered pupils the chance to engage with five of Britain’s leading scientists, gather exam tips from an experienced science examiner and discover more about the successful careers available out there for those with a Science GCSE and beyond.  

Lecturers this year include scientists from a variety of different backgrounds and specialisms, including; Prof Dave Cliff who delivered a talk entitled ‘Computer Whizz: the best is yet to come’ and Prof Steve Jones – a published author whose most recent piece honours his childhood hero; Darwin.  

Representing women in STEM, scientists Dr Helen Czerski and Dr Anna Ploszajski. Dr Helen is a physicist, oceanographer and broadcaster, currently based at University College London. She is also a presenter for the BBC. Dr Anna is award-winning materials scientist and writer. 

Rounding off the expert panel was Prof Robert Winston- current professor at Imperial College London. Dr Winston is also a medical doctor, scientist, television presenter and Labour peer. 

With such a diverse and varied skill set, the guest speakers were certain to appeal to many in the audience, including our Mount School pupils who had some wonderful feedback from the day: 

“My favourite thing we learnt was that Siamese cats can change colour depending on the temperature they live in!” – Erin, Year 10 

“My favourite part was about the neuroscience and how much electrical activity is going on in our brains!” – Emma, Year 10

“I found the talks all really interesting Especially the talk from the neuroscientist about how the brain contains so many of nerves designed for many different purposes.” – Abigail, Year 11

“I thoroughly enjoyed science live. Learning about Embryos and fertility was my favourite part of the amazing experience.” – Elisha, Year 11

“I found the channel swimmer’s talk fascinating because she told her real story and explained the science along the way, with the chemistry of food for energy but also the very interesting physics of how the tides change and move with the moon, and how that affected her swim.” – Sian, Year 11

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