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In our experience, happy children learn. Children at The Mount flourish in an inspiring and nurturing environment where having fun and learning go hand in hand. 

Our children’s wellbeing matters to us as much as it does to their parents.

If a child is happy and confident in our environment, they will make the most of the opportunities available to them. They will be happy, learn well and achieve 

Our aim is to ensure that children settle in quickly to become happy and confident learners. Our experienced staff work to ensure that all children feel secure and valued.


We recognise that each child is unique.

Our activities are planned in response to observing the children’s needs and interests. This highly individualised approach to teaching enables each child to develop at their own pace. By drawing out each child’s natural curiosity and basing our activities on their enthusiasms and interests, we inspire excitement for learning.  

We understand the importance of ‘play’ within the early years of a child’s school journey. As well as being fun, play supports intellectual, emotional, creative, physical and social development. 

There is never a dull moment in the Early Years, with a wealth of fun activities and learning opportunities taking place.

Days in the Pre-School are divided between free-flow play and focused topic activities. 

Free-flow play takes place between the classroom and the Early Years outdoor playground. Children select where they would like to play, whilst being fully supervised. This enables children to develop the confidence to independently choose an activity. 

Structured activities include topic work, library visits, gym activities or outdoor learning. These focused activities support children’s learning, encouraging them to think creatively, use their imagination, communicate with others, all whilst enjoying themselves.  

Whether it be painting, dressing up, singing, gardening, learning French or just playing outdoors, children are filled with fun opportunities to discover and grow. 

Daily activities taking place in the Pre-School and Early Years include: 

  • Sensory Play 
  • Free-Flow Play 
  • Focused Topic Activities 
  • Music and Movement 
  • Phonics Lessons 
  • Library Visits 
  • Gym Activities 
  • Role Play 
  • Singing 
  • Forest School 
  • Creative Activities 
  • French Lessons. 
Quaker Ethos 

The Mount School’s ethos is underpinned by our Quaker values: simplicity, truth, equality, peace, social justice and sustainability. All of our children are treated as individuals and taught to respect themselves and others.  Find out more about The Mount’s Quaker Ethos.