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International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Girls throughout The Mount School have been celebrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) studies to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science today.

Junior School girls have been particularly busy! They were tasked with imagining themselves to be a scientist in 100 years’ time. What would they invent? And what would they be wearing, as a scientist in 2121?

Women Scientists Inventing in 2121

This afternoon the girls shared their inventions and designs in a live chat with Miss Wilson. Miss Capper and Ms Richmond also joined some of the discussions and were most impressed with the girls’ originality of thought and creativity.

Some of their inventions included: a robot that detects allergens and can dispense allergy medication when needed; a rocketship that will transport you to Mars within two hours; a truth spray; a teleporter which will turn paper back into a living tree or shrub; a Dr-J microchip that will upload information and learning directly into your brain; robotic accessories which help people live underwater; a cyclops machine which scans underground objects for archaeologists; a universal vaccine; a seed that can grow anywhere and feed people all over the world.

Many inventions of the future picked up on the need for ever-improving communications, and making life easier for people. Well done, girls!

The outfits they designed were equally brilliant and diverse.

Inspiring Women in Science

All week in the Junior School, girls have been researching inspiring women in STEM. They created a Flipgrid video about their chosen woman and these were shared with the rest of the Junior School.

The girls selected women from across a wide array of specialisms, from aerospace to zoology! Their informative presentations covered women such as Edith Clarke, Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Dian Fossey, Debbie Forster, Sarah Gilbert, Jane Goodall, Birute Galdakis, Margaret Hamilton, Grace Hopper, Mae Jamieson, Katherine Johnson, Aida Lovelace, Ann Makosinsky, Emma Milne, Ellen Ochoa, Adrianna Ocampo and Sally Ride.

Murder Mystery Maths

In the Senior School, girls in Years 8, 9 and 10 solved a murder mystery.

Each year group was given a different mystery and set of clues to investigate. Working together in online teams, they looked at the scenario they had been given, weighed the evidence and worked through their clues which also involved a fair number of calculations to reach the next clue. By the time they had solved their mystery, the girls had eliminated their list of 32 suspects all the way down to one single suspect, and completed around 100 separate calculations.

Well done, all!