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Junior School Celebration Assembly is a Triumph!


It was delightful to celebrate Year 6s as they reach the end of their primary school journey.

Head of Junior School, Miss Capper said: “This is a wonderful year group. They have such a sense of maturity and are so respectful of one another, proving to be excellent role models for the whole of Juniors.

Keep aiming for golden aspirations. We’re sad to say goodbye but this is such an exciting time for you. Be curious and take yourselves out of your comfort zones.”

The programme kicked off with the moving number, ‘Fly Away Home’, followed by cheeky and lively songs in the Minibeast Musical and the thought-provoking tune ‘When Will my Life Begin?’ with a beautiful dance. The older juniors then delivered a polished high-energy routine before two classics from our recent musical, Annie Jr. raised the roof.

A lovely slideshow then celebrated each Year 6 through photos and videos of their most vivid memories, marking this important milestone before they continue their journeys in The Mount senior school.

Then two very important farewells commenced:

Miss Harvey, after 17.5 years at the Mount, was celebrated for “being the best PE teacher ever” which was a direct quote from an outgoing Year 6.

Miss Capper, said: “You are a legend Miss Harvey. You have driven all outdoor adventurous education and you are Queen of the Forest (School). You truly created a culture where ‘everyone can’, whether they were splashing in muddy puddles or competing at national events.”

Of Miss Wilson, who leaves after an incredible 33 years, a Year 6 pupil said: “I am upset and devastated that you are leaving. ‘Girls Can’ is forever imprinted in my mind.”

Miss Capper, echoed: “Miss Wilson, you have given so much time and passion with your creative approach, pushing boundaries to create new and exciting lessons. The impact of your incredible journey at The Mount is immeasurable.”

The day ended with an appropriate hymn centred around the instruction to ‘shine’ before delicious refreshments ended the perfect afternoon!

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