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Junior School Pupils on the right track with Bikeability


Junior School have been learning all about road safety this week as they undertake their Bikeability Level 1 and Level 2 Awards.  

In association with British Cycling, the Bikeability scheme aims to provide children with the lifelong skill of riding a bike confidently, and safely.  

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 began the Level 1 course which introduced them to basic bike-handling skills, including bike checks, monthly MOTs, and simple bike positioning. They practiced this on the school tennis courts and away from other road traffic. 

Keen to express what else they had learnt in their first session, Margherita in Year 6, said “We learnt always to look before you go and to make eye contact. If you do make eye contact then you know the other person sees that you are there.” 

India, also in Year 6 added, “We learnt how to do an emergency stop. You use your right brake for you front, your left for your back and if it is an emergency stop you use both.”  

The sessions were made fun and entertaining, with the girls encouraged to use their imagination to remember the importance of safe cycling. We were told to imagine that your head is an egg, and you need to protect the yolk with your helmet” 

Emphasising the importance of keeping your distance, the girls learnt basic rules of the road, including who would be at fault if they accidently rode into the back of someone. “You have to stay a donkey space away from the person in front – otherwise the donkey poops on you!”   

Pupils that successfully complete their Level 1 Bikeability then move up a gear to complete Level 2, which sees them riding alongside others on the roads.

You can view the photographs from Day 1 – Level 1 Bikeability here


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