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Mount Girls celebrate excelling in their GCSE exams.


The Mount School York are once again celebrating successful GCSE results seeing some stunning achievements from a range of subjects and many girls have exceeded expectations. 

Almost 40% of girls gained 5 or more GCSEs with grades of 7 and above, whilst 82% of all grades were Level 5 and above. Amongst those celebrating today were Cecily O Neill, Hollie Thompson and Clare Treacher who all achieved at least 7 or more level 8/9 grades, the equivalent of an A/A*. Bebe Dyl, Charlotte Hemingway, Gracie Houston and Emily Tyson were also delighted by today’s results as they achieved scores well above their predicted grades. 

As expected, all pupils passed English Literature, Language and Maths, with many subjects in all areas of the curriculum.  

Jackie Eccles, Head of Year 11, said, “I am delighted by the girl’s academic success across all subjects. As well as giving 100% to their studies the girls also fully engaged with school life, taking part in a plethora of concerts, plays, sports fixtures and other activities. A well-rounded education at The Mount enables our girls to excel in all subjects and achieve outside the classroom in the knowledge that for girls in a girl’s school there are no limits.” 

Adrienne Richmond, Principal of The Mount commented, “Congratulations to all of the girls and staff who worked extremely hard to achieve these grades. Watching the girls open their results this morning was a very emotional experience. The sheer delight on all their faces showed the relief of all their hard work coming to fruition. I am extremely proud of the girls not just for their exam success but for the progress they have made both academically and socially.  Their hard work and determination has seen them flourish. Some of the girls have been at The Mount since Junior School and it has been a privilege for the Mount staff to see them develop in character and confidence over the years.” 

Today’s results follow on from last week’s excellent A Level results which saw over half of all girls gain A*/A grades and progress to a range of top universities studying a diverse selection of courses.