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Mount Pupils Swam their Hearts Out in the 2024 Senior School Swim Gala!


The afternoon was fun and competitive in a supportive way, with cheers of encouragement as pupils raced against each other in Back, Butterfly and Breast strokes as well Front Crawl and Relays.

The eight person-Relay was also quite a splashy spectacle!

Director of Sport, Jackie Greenwood, said:

“A huge thank you to every single pupil that got into the pool today. There was a fantastic array of swims, a variety of strokes and everyone put in their best. Thanks also to our scorers and their mathematical prowess.”

Juniors Head of Sport, Jill Harvey, said:

“The best thing about The Mount is everyone has the chance to compete. Participation really is key which makes for a joyful atmosphere.”

The overall winners on the day were Rowntree (with Cadbury very close behind).

Similarly, there was nothing between Fry who came third and Terry who were fourth. Bravo to all!


U13s: 1 – Terry, 2 – Fry, 3 – Cadbury, 4 – Rowntree

U15s: 1 – Cadbury, 2 – Rowntree, 3 – Terry, 4 – Fry

U18s: 1 – Rowntree, 2 – Fry, 3 – Cadbury, 4 – Terry

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