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A Mount School Christmas broadcast on YO1 radio


Catch The Mount’s Christmas Meeting 2017 with YO1 radio’s digital broadcast at 8pm GMT on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The Mount is proud to support York’s community radio station, YO1 radio

The Mount was pleased to welcome YO1 radio’s Chris Marsden to Christmas Meeting on 16 December.

The programme includes excerpts from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, performed by The Mount’s Senior Choir and Semi-chorus, with a wonderful performance by the Junior School from their nativity production, The Late Wise Man.

Readings of religious scripture and secular texts were given by girls in the Senior School and College.

The appeal for the School’s chosen charities, LearnBag for Refugees, and Solving Kids’ Cancer, was read by College charity representatives, Ella and Scarlett.

There is a Listen Live link on YO1 Radio’s website, and you can also listen on the station’s app.

The Meeting was held in the English Martyr’s Church, just opposite the School on Dalton Terrace. The Mount is a Quaker school, welcoming those of all faiths and none.

Spring Term commences on Tuesday, 9 January 2018.