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Old Scholars Visit


College in general is amazing. The support you get with UCAS is unbelievable. You don’t get that anywhere else.”  

It was lovely to have Old Scholars Charlotte and Jacqui, who both finished College II in 2017, return last week to visit The Mount. Charlotte is currently studying Law at the University of Bayreuth in Germany and Jacqui is with the Local Government Association in London as their Graduate Management Trainee, having obtained a 2:1 BA in International Relations at the University of Sheffield.  

They spent the day speaking with their former teachers and current pupils, some of whom remembered them well. Meeting with College during Form Time, the Old Scholars shared their advice and insights into the UCAS process, life at university and the importance for pupils to make the most of the time they have at The Mount.  

Although it feels like A-Levels drag on forever, it’s two short years of your life and then it will be over. A-Levels are difficult because you have to learn so much content and it’s not comparable to anything you will ever do again. And it is tough. But the hard work is worth it when it gets you to where you want to go. It may be difficult to see the long term when you are sat in Sixth Form and trying to motivate yourself, but it is honestly so worth it. Try to focus on where you want to be in five years,” advised Jacqui.   

It is an investment into your future. Getting good A-Levels will help you and it still helps me now. When I was applying for placements with big corporate law firms, they still looked at my A-Level results,” explained Charlotte, who had achieved A* A* A A.

College hosted the visiting Old Scholars for Choc Lunch and Lunch break, and Charlotte and Jacqui were very complimentary about the College girls’ maturity. “I recognise many of them, even though they would have been in Year 7 when we were in College II. It doesn’t feel weird though,” said Jacqui.  


Catching up with former teachers Wendy Thompson (who was Head of Careers when Charlotte and Jacqui were in Sixth Form), Head of Humanities Carol Cook, Head of Maths Tony McAleese and Deputy Head Bridget Perks (formerly Head of Chemistry) was a delight. They traded stories and light banter with laughter, reminiscing about days gone by. “It was so lovely to catch up with them both,” smiled Wendy Thompson.  

Jacqui and Charlotte took time during their visit to speak with pupils, chatting with a Year 10 German class about what life is like studying in Germany and abroad, and sharing with a Year 11 pupil about studying Law.   

Enjoy your time here. College in general was amazing. That’s why you really should stay for College. Honestly, it’s so good. You have the College Common Room, you have your studies, the support you get for UCAS from this school is amazing, you don’t get that anywhere else, as we found out when we went to uni,” they told the Year 10s.  


Throughout the day, both women reflected on memories of their time here, and how the School influenced their lives.  

I took a lot from The Mount. I turned into a very disciplined person. I got into a habit of doing my work every day, then it’s more bearable. If you don’t procrastinate and you do your workload every day, then it’s fairly manageable. It’s very difficult to motivate yourself but it’s worth doing. Sixth Form is a rollercoaster for everyone. But it will be fine in the end. Just try and do the absolute best that you can, I think that’s always my advice. Try and look back and say to yourself I’ve done the best I can, and if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, then that’s fine because you’ve tried your best and you have nothing to regret,” Charlotte told College pupils.  

Try and enjoy College for what it is, because it is such a good time. The Mount gives you a lot of support. When I got to uni I realised how much support we have had here compared to others. I always knew I wanted to do a year’s study abroad. It was easily the best year of my life. I really enjoyed that and would recommend it to anyone,” said Jacqui, who had a year abroad in Copenhagen during her degree. 

They were encouraged in their meeting with David Griffiths that his stewardship of the school provides girls with exceptional opportunities to enrich their educational experience during their time here. “The Mount is superb for young women,” he said. “Talking to Jacqui and Charlotte, you can see in their faces the appreciation and love they have for The Mount and their time here. A Mount education makes an enormous difference. Their genuine desire to give back today, by sharing their lived experiences has inspired our College students as they prepare for their final A-Levels and our GCSE students as well. We encourage positive role models here within the school and that ethos continues far beyond the school years. A Mount education is truly an education for life.”