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Proud families attend the annual Junior School Swimming Gala


Junior School Girls in Years 3 to Year 6 took part in the Junior School Inter-house Swimming Gala yesterday afternoon, competing in their respective Houses; Rowntrees, Terrys, Cadburys and Frys.

The 2022 event was a particularly special one for our Junior School as for the first time since the impact of the pandemic, spectators were able to show their support and encouragement for their sporting legends from the poolside balcony.

Students from pre-school were also in attendance to show their support by waving flags and using their best cheering voices as they watched on in amazement.

An already exciting afternoon was made all that more enjoyable for the children who relished in having their families and friends able to watch them as they took part in various races and relays.  All girls from across the years took part and swam breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. There were also relays for the different age groups.

Towards the end of the event, Year 6 House captains gathered poolside as they eagerly awaited the results. It was a close call with only a handful of points between second and third place. In the end, Rowntrees were crowned the victorious, Team Captain India had these words to say about how the role of the parents played such a large part in making the day.

“I love having parents back because it makes the atmosphere so much more delightful and I really like having them because they cheer more so there is more noise in the swimming pool and it is a whole different atmosphere when they are here, it is completely different”India, Team Captain for Rowntrees (Year 6)

Echoing her sentiment were girls across all the year groups.

“All the younger children said well done when we came out of the pool even if we weren’t in their team”Izzy, Year 3

“I loved the excitement when you touched the wall for the first time” – Agnes, Year 5

“Having our parents watching was so exciting and really helped us to swim our best”India, Year 6

“I love the fact that as you pass your house you can hear your name being called out and it encourages you to keep swimming your best!”Izzy, Year 6

“Even if you didn’t win you are an Olympic champion in your own way” – Lorelei, Year 4

“The Inter-house swimming gala is a highlight of our sporting calendar and a time when all the girls join across the whole school. I was incredibly impressed this year by the standard of swimming and the level of participation across all year groups. The girls showed true determination and strived to do their best. The atmosphere was electric as the girls as young as Pre-school cheered and supported their team.”Rachel Capper, Head of Junior School

A big well done to all girls taking part and spectating!



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