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What Quaker Simplicity Means to Year 7


Year 7 pupils have been exploring ‘Quaker Simplicity’ as part of an exciting exhibition proposal by The Quaker Tapestry Museum.  

The exhibition will explore the definition of simplicity and how it is interpreted by the Quaker faith. In their own words, volunteers were asked to discuss the topic and share their understanding in a video clip no longer than 1 minute in length. 

Those involved worked in pairs and small groups to film their videos around the school grounds, with each pupil having opportunity to express their own personal views in front of the camera.  

Interpretations included the freedom to be yourself, to portray yourself however you wish, and to be free from judgement. The girls were keen to portray the individuality of those within the school and how everyone, staff and pupils, can be whoever they want to be. 

All videos have been submitted to hopefully feature on the project which we look forward to hopefully sharing with you.

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