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Running a Lockdown Marathon


Last week, sisters Rosie (Y10) and Libby (Y8), ran the distance of a marathon (42.4km) together throughout the week during online Games lessons and after school. The girls completed the distance by running around the Knavesmire and along the river in answer to a challenge set by City of York Athletics Club.

Rosie explains, “Throughout the week Libby and I clocked up the distance running between 3 and 10 km in a session. We both ran over half a marathon each, and we completed the marathon distance in 3 hours and 53 minutes.

Online school is really working well I think at the moment. I think it is fun to do, and a different way of learning to what we do in school. It is also nice that we still get to hear from everyone on video chats.

What I miss the most is being in school and doing clubs and activities during breaks and after school. Also, not seeing everyone in my Year everyday, and not being able to talk face to face with them, is something I really miss,” says Rosie.