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Shakespeare’s Open Air Theatre Extravaganza


The Mount School is proud to host a wonderful open air theatre extravaganza of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in partnership with The Dukes’ Theatre Company.  

The Dukes’ Theatre Company is a production company specialising in outstanding outdoor theatre. On August 2nd they will deliver the Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night text in full, intertwined with innovative production design and the electric energy of a professional cast. 

In what may initially be interpreted as a tragic tale, the story beholds a romantic comedy at heart, with undertones of madcap farce and broad humour, accompanied by original music allowing for Shakespeare’s songs to be enjoyed in a whole new way.  

The theatrical display promises a wonderful evening that audiences won’t forget – all set in the beautiful surroundings of The Mount School.  

Community engagement is of great importance for The Mount. We welcome families, friends and acquaintances to share this fantastic event with us and to experience the School and Shakespeare in action. 

We look forward to seeing you there.  

Book your tickets at:


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