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Thanking Unsung Heroes


Girls at The Mount School York created a heart-warming video celebrating unsung heroes around the school.

Ending off 2020, Sixth Form girls at The Mount School York released the six-minute video in which girls and staff throughout the all-girl Quaker school give thanks to those who they felt had “done an amazing job around school, who often gets little recognition for their hard work.”

Earlier in the term, Georgia (18) emailed students and staff inviting them to submit a video of them thanking their unsung hero or heroes. She and Charlotte (18) compiled the videos, combined with interviews they’d conducted themselves, into the final piece which was published and circulated to the school community in the final newsletter of term. Forwarding the video to pupils and staff, the girls wrote, “We want to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to everyone this year for coping so well with these unprecedented times. Members of the school community want to say a huge thank you to each and every unsung hero who has worked tirelessly this year. Attached is a video that celebrates the hard working ‘unsung’ members within the school community.


The idea was first inspired by the Bar Convent’s appeal for decorated angels and messages to hang in their Blossom Street windows during the Christmas period. Mount girls in Year 7 and Year 9 sent in decorated angels for the appeal. Head of Sixth Form at The Mount, Michael Spiers, said, “The College pupils, inspired by Bar Convent’s community outreach, thought about how they could make a difference at the end of what has been quite an extraordinary year. This initiative was their incredibly thoughtful response.

A spokeswoman for York’s historic Bar Convent said, “This video is really an inspiration. What an amazing, thoughtful, caring and talented group of students you have there at the Mount School. We have been truly overwhelmed by the response we had for the angels project and to see that this has grown in such a positive way really means so much to us. Kindness and an appreciation for others is the perfect message for Christmas and beyond.”


Adrienne Richmond, Principal of The Mount School, said, “As we approach Christmas, we will all be thinking about wider friends and family and those who matter to us most. I asked girls during the term to think about who matters to them most and how they thank them. I asked them to think about how this Christmas, they can stop and show their appreciation for the special people in their life. I urged them to act and make those things happen. It is wonderful to see how the College girls were inspired to create their Unsung Heroes video.