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Junior School Girls Create ‘The Big Read Scheme’ Competition


Three pupils in Junior School presented certificates to the winners of their very own reading competition during assembly this week. 

Year 6 pupils, Agnes, Clemmie and Phoebe worked together to share their love of reading with the rest of the Junior School and encouraged them to get involved in an exciting new competition. 

Agnes first came up with the idea last year and began designing posters for her exciting new venture, entitled ‘The Big Read Scheme.’  

“I started putting posters up for it, but it wasn’t getting noticed much so I asked my two friends to get involved too. I printed loads of copies of the posters, and we presented them in assembly which got people excited.” 

The poster made by Agnes, Clemmie & Phoebe

The forward-thinking trio devised a tick sheet to enable children to sign up to enter and allowed them to track how many people had signed up. The competition was constructed entirely by the girls themselves, with them taking into consideration everything from promotion to the logistics of the competition, and the winning prize. They took great care to ensure the competition was accessible to all and would allow as many people as possible to take part. 

Agnes shared, “I thought it was good to include everyone from Year 6 right down the school to the little ones in Pre-School. Each year had different competitions to complete. 10 pages for the little ones, 20 pages for 2 and 3 and so on.” 

“I really like reading and it is a really good way to learn, it can help you with your English as well. It all started when I decided with my friends to do a little talk in assembly, and we announced the results today.” – Agnes 

Clemmie and Phoebe were equally excited about the competition idea and were delighted to get involved. 

“We both love reading too, and Phoebe even won a couple of the certificates herself. She won the most for year 6 and the most pages in total for junior school. I think she read over 650 pages”Clemmie 

“I finished 2 books in 3 weeks” – Phoebe  

The girls not only share a love of literature and reading, but they also understand the positive effects it can have on a child’s learning and its lasting impact.  

“The series, Brambley Hedge that I used to read when I was tiny is still one of my favourites, I still really like it and it is something that I have read all my life.” – Clemmie 

Individual winners were presented with a certificate in assembly and the winning year group will take care of the reading bear until the following half term. 

“We think that everyone is going to want to do it now they know they can win a bear!” – Clemmie 

Congratulations to our Year 1 readers who achieved the most points and who will now look after reading bear, Samuel Johnson!