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The Mount Junior School celebrates 30 years!


Tuesday 23 November marks 30 years since the official opening ceremony of The Mount Junior School (known then as Tregelles).

In 1991, pupils buried a time capsule to mark the day. A ten pence piece, a Polly Pocket and School Prospectus were just some of the items included – you will have to wait another 20 years to find out the rest though, as it is due to be dug up in 2041.

Today current Junior School girls and Miss Wilson, who was part of the opening ceremony, visited the site of the time capsule. When asked what they would put in a time capsule today items suggested included popcorn, popular music and an iPad. The Mount Junior School girls will continue to celebrate the milestone birthday and look back at the history of the Junior School over the next two terms.
We would love to hear your memories of the Junior School – perhaps you placed an item in the time capsule! Please email