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Whole School LAMDA Results are ‘Distinctly’ Excellent!


An incredible 52 girls took LAMDA exams this year from Year 3 to Year 12 in Group Introductory, Group Recital, Acting, Reading for Performance and Speaking in Public from Grade 1 up to Gold Medal level.

These amazing results are a testament to their hard work and determination, as 44 girls were awarded Distinctions and there were 8 Merits. Simply outstanding!

Mrs Buckley said:

“I can’t remember so many pupils getting so many LAMDA results and at such high quality.

Some pupils have studied LAMDA right through since Year 3 to 12, showing such wonderful progression from Group, Pairs and Solos.

The Gold Medal is a tough undertaking with three monologues each so my huge congratulations go to Lilia, Lily, Harriet and Libby for their commitment and talent. The feedback from the examiner is detailed and invaluable to take on board for future performances and acting opportunities.”

In Juniors both ensemble groups achieved Distinctions! 20 girls – two groups of ten achieved the following certificates which were handed out on Thursday in Junior assembly.

The Year 3 group achieved Group Introductory Stage 3 (with Distinction). The Year 6 group was awarded Group Recital Grade One (with Distinction).

Head, Rachel Capper, said: “You have excelled by working as a team and supporting each other.”

Drama Teacher, Miss Buckley, said: “Juniors’ hard work and determination achieved these well-deserved, outstanding results.”

The Examiner: “You are a delightful group of enthusiastic performers who relish the opportunity to entertain, bringing the words of writers to life with vocal and visual positivity. There is a real sense of teamwork in performance as you take an audience on a journey through different moods and experiences. There are individual voices which lead and direct moments of climax, adding colour and interest to your work.

You understand a poet’s words and can bring them to life with a sense of fun and enthusiasm. Skills of expression are emerging in your work and there is a strong rhythm in delivery that makes a positive connection with an audience.”

Bravo to all!

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