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Ava Takes Centre Stage: Year 11 pupil awarded coveted spot at prestigious Dance School.


The Mount School extends a huge congratulations to Ava, Year 11, who has been awarded a place at the prestigious London Studio Centre, studying for an FdA Dance Degree. 

Ava, who began dancing age 5, will take up her place at the North London Studio in September. The course provides a thorough grounding in key dance techniques with in-depth development of specialist skills leading to specialisation in a dance genre. Ava will be specialising in classical ballet. 

During her course she will explore different styles, develop knowledge of dance science and choreography. There will also be frequent opportunities to perform, from informal, in-house presentations to full-length performances at major London venues. 

Ava performing in Snow White

Ava is no stranger to the stage, as one of The Mount’s first Performing Arts Scholar, she has performed in numerous Mount School Dance showcases and productions. She has been a student at the Patricia Veale School of Dance, based at The Mount School’s dance studio, for many years. In 2022, she starred as Snow White in the Dance School’s production at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre. Ava is particularly proud of this accolade ‘Performing in Snow White was really fantastic.’ 

Throughout her rigorous auditions, Ava had lots of experience to draw upon as she has previously successfully auditioned for the Northern Ballet, Renaissance Arts and is a York Dance Scholar.  

We caught up with Ava to hear more about the audition process and her aspirations for the future . . . 

Congratulations, what a fabulous achievement. Tell us more about the audition process. 

I had to take part in a 1 hour 30-minute ballet class. Everyone auditioning then performed a ballet solo. I had to go first, because they did it alphabetically by first names! I was very nervous but just got on with it. I also had to do a contemporary and jazz class.  

Halfway through the day half the people auditioning were cut. This time they called it out by numbers, so I was busy memorising my number! In the second round I had a physical check for injuries, followed by an interview with the Head of Ballet and a Jazz teacher. 

They asked questions about my future ambitions, my dance experience and what I wanted to get from the programme. I felt prepared because I have had interview experience from school and at auditions. I thought ‘all I can do is give it my best shot!’ 

Did you audition anywhere else?
Yes, I also auditioned for Ballet Theatre UK, The Hammond School, Northern Dance and Renaissance Arts. I was really happy to be offered a place at all of them.  

I was offered my place at the London Studio Centre about a week after my audition, but I didn’t decide straight away as I was thinking about my options. 

Wow! Five offers that’s a tremendous accomplishment and all whilst studying. How did you find that?  

It’s been a long process, all whilst also doing my GCSEs. I have felt very supported by the staff at The Mount. They have been very understanding of what was required during the audition process, supporting me with time off and time to rest. They’ve also made sure I was up to date with my lessons and supported my revision.  

What aspirations do you have for your future?

It feels strange to answer that, my goal has been getting on to this course for so long. I love ballet so I would like to find and perform with a ballet company that suits me. 

We remember you performing in your Year 6 play, a play when pupils act out your wishes for the future. In it you played a ballerina, now your visions are coming true!  

Yes, I remember I was wearing a massive tutu!!  

And now you’re at the end of your time at The Mount. How does that feel?  

‘It feels bittersweet. I’m really happy to continue with my dance training but very sad to be leaving The Mount and my friends. I have been here since I was 3 years old . I have three older sisters who all also went to The Mount, so I am the last to leave. It feels very strange! I am sure there will be tears at the Foundation Meeting.  

Everyone at The Mount is extremely proud of Ava and all that she has and will achieve. We wish her the best of luck as she embarks on the next stage of her life at the London Studio Centre.  


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Ava performing in 2019