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Year 7 Battle It Out For Power


Year 7 History pupils had a History lesson to remember as they took a practical approach to their studies of the Middle Ages. The girls had great fun as they acted out the power struggles of 11th century England.

Embracing their roles fully, they even brought in props to accompany their character depiction. As each pupil took on a different role, it allowed them to interact with each other and understand the struggles from an alternative viewpoint, whilst ensuring an engaging and interesting lesson that they would remember. 

“It was really fun. We got to learn whilst doing something active and understand how everyone links together, which we wouldn’t have done if were just reading about it.” – Peggy 

“It was a fun way of learning all about the 1066 battle, because we got to bring in our own props and imagine what it would have been like. We also got to ‘twist’ how it would have played out and it really helped me to understand it.” – Minnie 

“The girls were so engaged and really identified with their parts; it was wonderful to see them arguing passionately from their character’s perspective, they had clearly gained a deep understanding of the complexities of the situation at the time.” – Mrs Bok 

More fun is expected next week when the girls will act out the Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings; using our beautiful school grounds to provide historically accurate vantage points for the different ‘armies’.