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Bonfire Night Celebrations


The Mount set the sky alight with sparkle on Friday evening as the annual Bonfire Night Celebrations were held on ‘New’. 

Often referred to as a highlight of the Autumn term, this year’s Bonfire Night welcomed pupils, parents, friends and neighbours to gather on the school grounds, in a spectacular celebration filled with music, hearty home-cooked foods, and the evening’s pièce de résistance; fireworks!  

To launch the start of festivities, swarms of daring Senior School pupils gathered by School Hall to participate in the much-loved tradition of ‘Games in the Dark.’ In a series of challenges, reminiscent of the good old-fashioned children’s tv gameshows of our childhood, Year 11s conjured up creative and hilarious ways to test the other girls as they took part in a race against the clock to win games for their House Team.  

Earlier in the evening, the girls had enjoyed a spooky film created by the Year 11’s to set the tone for the rest of the night, and to help prepare them for what lay ahead…

Armed with iconic binbag smocks and protective swim caps – the younger girls fully accepted the challenge and made their way around the circuit of activities before joining up with their family and friends on the Junior School playground. Here, guests devoured delectable bonfire treats and relished in the buzz of excitement waiting for the firework countdown to approach.  

Following a welcome address by Deputy Principal, Ms Perks, at 6.30 pm the volume increased and in perfect synchrony, the fireworks began. The superb firework display, delivered by Britannia Fireworks, was accompanied by a stellar soundtrack of well-known pop classics and had everyone mesmerised, with some spectators suggesting this year’s display was “the best one yet.” 

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