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Borealis Explorers Deliver Talk at Terrington Hall


Three attendees of last year’s Borealis Society Iceland Expedition visited Terrington Hall Prep School on Monday evening to share their experiences of the once-in-a-lifetime trip.  

Ruby, Rosie and Emilia from College II joined Terrington Hall pupils and staff for supper before delivering a shortened version of the expedition report they shared as part of the Borealis Winter Lecture Series.  

Before an audience of approximately 50 people, the girls detailed the challenges and encounters they endured and reminisced over the amazing opportunities they were awarded. The younger generation of Terrington Hall pupils listened in awe as the speakers explained the impact the trip had on them, and how it had transformed their lives in many ways. 

We were a close group before as Mount girls, but we share memories that we just cannot share with anyone else.”  – Rosie  

The girls recognised the magnitude of the trip and emphasised how initially they felt overwhelmed, however, once they departed on the trip, their mindset saw a dramatic shift. I never doubted myself once whilst I was there, I never thought I couldn’t do something. We came back changed – in a positive way. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I will never be able to do something like that in my life – the views were incredible, and nothing will compare” – Ruby   

The Borealis Society aims to provide opportunities for College girls to experience mountaineering and trekking expeditions across boreal regions. There is an overarching element of academia to the adventure, as emphasis is placed on enhancing the explorers academic understanding of matters relating to the Arctic and Sub-Arctic remote areas of our planet.  

Upon returning, the girls cited overwhelming personal growth as well as an increased understanding and appreciation for nature and self-sufficient living. This unique opportunity will also set them above others as they apply for university places and future employment opportunities.  

The second instalment of The Mount’s Borealis Expedition has been confirmed for 2024. Pupils will once again push the boundaries of what they see physically and mentally possible as they take on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the remote boreal climate. The second expedition will be to the Northern hemispheres equivalent to Antarctica, East Greenland.   

A number of places have been kept open for any new members and, in particular, for new entrants to College from outside The Mount School in September 2023.