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Lunar New Year Celebrations


Pupils across The Mount community participated in a range of traditional activities in celebration of the Lunar New Year last week.  

Engaging and wholesome projects were scheduled throughout the school day, during after school hours and over the weekend last week to enable pupils from each of the school years to enjoy the Lunar New Year festivities. 

On Thursday evening, the Boarding House kitchen was open for a masterclass in Chinese cuisine as the girls gathered round to make dumpling and carrot cake together, in a nod to the family favourite pastime. With a history of more than 1,800 years, the dumpling is a classic lucky food for Lunar New Year, and a dish traditionally eaten on Chinese New Year’s Eve. 

Celebrations continued throughout the remainder of the week as pupils and staff were treated to a Lunar New Year performance in the Music Hall over choc lunch. Jasmine in College II, Isabella and Kiera in Year 11 and Carina in Year 10, each performed some Chinese music during Friday’s morning concert. The concert also featured the pipa, (the Chinese lute).  

Continuing the traditions over lunch, pupils were invited to the Dining Hall to write their own Hui Chung in Chinese with the Chinese calligraphy pen. Hui Chun is the act of blessing words written on red papers, which is believed will bring luck & blessing to the family. Our Chinese and Hong Kong native girls kindly offered their help in teaching others some simple blessing words to include on their creations.  

As the weekend approached, Saturday mornings activity was lantern decoration. The girls were given their own individual lantern to decorate, to either take away with them or to hang in the halls of the Boarding House – creating a wonderful visual effect. Sunday lunch was spent in one of Yorks most popular Chinese restaurants, dining on a feast of traditional cuisine and enjoying time together as a school community in true celebratory fashion.  

The Mount School York would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year.