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Performance artist Tara Sweeting visited The Mount on Friday and took the girls through some fun Dance workshops during their P.E. lessons.

Tara, an Andrew Lloyd Weber scholar and alumni of the ArtsEd Drama School, teaches Dance at the Chiswick Arts Theatre and will shortly begin rehearsals for a touring production of Grease in which she will play the part of Marty.

After the workshops, she said, “The sessions were wonderful and the all of the girls were really, really cute. There are some very talented dancers, but it’s great that everyone had a go.”

For young people considering a career in the performing arts, Tara says she would encourage them to “Be you. If you go for an audition and they don’t like you for who you are, then it’s not right for you. Just keep moving.

“Girls have ideas shoved in their faces about how they should look and how they should act. Don’t try to conform to stereotypes.  There has to be variety in life and in there has to be diversity in productions. Get involved in as much variety as you can. I am literally learning to ride a horse this year,” she laughs.

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