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Dr Seuss Science Afternoon


This afternoon The Mount Junior School pupils were treated to a Dr Seuss Science afternoon to launch their new topic. The two Dr Seuss based challenges revolved around the properties of materials and states of matter.

The Lorax was the source for the first activity. The girls were told how the Lorax had spent three weeks clearing land ready to plant Truffula seeds. He had sent the girls several bags of recycling asking for their help sorting, comparing and grouping the materials they found. They had to consider their properties and possible uses, making a list of suggested uses and a properties tick grid for quick reference.

The second task was similarly fun however a little more messy! This activity was based around the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck. In the tale the Royal Magicians make Oobleck a new type of weather like no other. Following Miss Wilson’s recipes the children then had a go at creating their own Oobleck. After lots of stirring the green gooey mixture was poured onto plates. It appeared to look like a saucer of green milk but on further inspection the liquid was quite hard and sticky. Great fun followed as they tried to make the substance bounce, write their initials in the liquid and attempt to form shapes.

“Mine just melts in my hand!” “It’s sticky but also hard.” “It’s so satisfying.” “Look it’s bouncing,” were just some of the exclamations of the girls as they experimented with their creations. The girls then wrote up their findings explaining the different texture they had created.

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