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East Greenland 2024 Expedition Announced


Ahead of this evening’s first Borealis Society Winter Lecture Series, pupils in Year 11 and College I were invited to attend a presentation delivered by Nigel Bidgood FRGS, the Head of Borealis Expeditions at The Mount School York as he introduced the second expedition.  

Scheduled for 2024, pupils will once again push the boundaries of what they see physically and mentally possible as they take on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the remote boreal climate. The second expedition will be to the Northern hemispheres equivalent to Antarctica, East Greenland.  

East Greenland is an isolated, yet breathtaking and special place to visit at the forefront of climate change. Often overlooked by schools, this unique opportunity will allow our girls to explore the vast area and research the different adaptations of flora, geology and landforms unique to this remarkable destination, as well as discover more about its cultural history.  

The hopeful expedition successors listened to the awe-inspiring tales of adventure and resilience of the previous Borealis Expedition attendees. Now in College II, Ruby and Morgan shared their experiences, speaking openly and confidently about how the trip changed them and helped shape them into the strong women they are today, with Ruby sharing, “We were a close group before as Mount girls, but we share memories that we just cannot share with anyone else.”  

The girls recognised the magnitude of the trip and emphasised how before arriving they too felt overwhelmed, however, once they had departed their mindset saw a dramatic shift. “I never doubted myself once whilst I was there, I never thought I couldn’t do something. We came back changed – in a positive way. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I will never be able to do something like that in my life – the views were incredible and nothing will compare ” – Ruby 

“Backpacking is actually a really satisfying thing to do, knowing you have everything you need right there. You are living that lifestyle of being so remote, and self-sufficient, I miss it so much” – Rosie  

On Friday 16th September, The Mount School will be joined by Dr Anna Bidgood, a qualified mountain leader and a professional geologist. We are delighted to have her deliver a lecture entitled ‘A Geological Journey’ which will see Anna talk about the stimuli and opportunities that have fuelled her journey from schoolgirl, through studying at university to becoming a professional geologist. This journey will feature many expeditions and field trips to Iceland, Greenland, Norway, remote British Columbia, the Peruvian Andes and the Indian Himalayas. In September 2022, she returned from a geological expedition to North Greenland and, shortly after the lecture date, will be departing to Zambia for more geological fieldwork.  

Borealis Winter Lecture Series Event Timeline:
  • Friday 16 September 2022 7pm – 8pm   

Dr Anna Bidgood, a post-doctoral researcher in UCD funded by iCRAG. 
Anna has a 1st class degree (MEarthSci) and a DPhil in Earth Sciences both from The University of Oxford and currently, works at the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geoscience (iCRAG) based at University College in Dublin. In December 2022, Anna will be moving to the Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington to continue her research as a recipient of a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.  

  • Friday 25 November 2022 6pm – 7pm  

The Borealis Society Expedition Report
Attendees of the Borealis Expedition to Iceland, including College pupils and Alumnae, will be discussing their experiences and the impact of this opportunity.  

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