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Flying High with British Science Week


These girls proved the sky is the limit when it comes to fun this British Science Week as they enjoyed a great lesson constructing paper aeroplanes.

The group were tasked with a simple set of instructions to guide them in making a basic plane, in which they could test and analyse for improvements.  

After an initial test flight and a demonstration from Mr Knill, the girls felt confident in their abilities to perfect their planes and got to work with their adjustments.  

“I’m doing this, putting two straws in, to make them extra secure” – Alexandra, Year 6 

“The straws are basically the body of the aeroplane. They are like where the people would sit on a real plane.” – Luiliana, Year 6  

With a smattering of sticky tape, and an intuitive blob of blutac to act as a counterweight, the young inventors returned to testing their creations. Each girl showed excellent commitment and determination as they worked to better their design each time. Well done everyone! 

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